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Wouldn't you know...

Even though Ken has been designing web pages for more than 25 years, this is the first time he sat down to specifically design one for the family! It seems that one's own projects always take a back seat to those in the hopper for others.

You are invited to look around - and come back fairly often as this site will grow (although likely slower than Ken intends it to). If you don't feel that new content is being added in a timely manner - email Ken and let him hear about it ---> see the links at the right. Or CLICK RIGHT TO THE PHOTOS

UPDATE! WE HAVE MOVED! Judy and Ken are now proud residents of Cedar Park, Texas. This is a nice community just to the north of Austin...and only four miles for the five grandkids. (Think there was a plan here?)

Here are a few photos of three of the grandkids helping Grandma Judy trim the Christmas Tree...

Tree Trimming
The Tree Trimming Crew
Trimming Complete
Indigo, Ivy and Ashlyn The full Tree Trimming Team The end result

And be certain that you check out the CHRISTMAS LINKS - there are some really cute things for your holiday pleasure on that page.

And...please check out the Gratitude Campaign Movie

Thank You
Judy & Ken Burgess
Judy and Ken Burgess