The House of Burgesses on the Web - Christmas Links

Special links for Christmas and other Holiday Enjoyment

Here are a few little items that we have run across in our travels through the Internet.

Please feel free to share them with others. (have patience...some take a while to load)

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas (Flash movie - double click "Play" when shown)

White Trash Christmas allow time to load

Special Christmas Card from Ashland University

Christmas Cartoons - ENJOY!

SNC - 12 Days (Men's Accapella group) [slow load]

Celtic Woman - Silent Night (slow load)

Celtic Woman - Carol of the Bells (slow load)

A Politically Correct Christmas

The Lights of Christmas

Audio only Christmas favorites (ours anyway)

Jeff Foxworthy's 12 Days of Christmas
The 12 Daze of Christmas
This proves drinking and caroling don't mix!
Jim-Bob Jumpback's Holiday Rum Cake
Politically Correct Christmas
Jim-Bob Jumpback reads the story of a world taking things WAY too seriously.