The House of Burgesses - Family Gathering - 12-19-2009

Pre-Christmas Pursch Family Gathering

Here are some shots of the 2009 Pre-Christmas gathering of the Houston Pursch family group held at the home of Joe and Nancy Pursch. Click the thumbnails for a larger view.

Pawpaw, June, Jonathan & Kim

Brian & Audrey

Joe, Jonathan & Kim

Courtney, Brian, Joe

Pawpaw, Nancy, June

Pawpaw, Bridgette

Brian, Jordan

Joni & Pawpaw

June, Audrey, Brian

Joni & Nancy

June & Pawpaw

Courtney & Audrey

Jordan & Scooter

June & Pawpaw

Joni & Nancy

Audrey & Joe

June, Judy & Pawpaw

June & Bridgette